This is a work in process to list all of George Jones recordings.
The objective being to have one web site with all of the information
instead of surfing the web for countless hours as I have had to do.

Waylon Jennings once said "If we could all sing like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones."

The legendary Johnny Cash was once asked to name his favorite country singer. Without hesitation he responded, "You mean besides George Jones?"


September 22, 2012
Made numerous changes to Alb/CD page, Singles page and Guest Artist page, correcting errors on song titles as well as F, FA, O and OA designations, correcting what I have to Phil Watson's great Session Discography. If we keep working at this we may some day get it all correct. : )

June 28, 2012
Added, in most cases, clicking on the cover will open a larger picture in a separate tab or window and where I have them I have added BACK COVERS. And a special thanks to Rob Humphreys who offered several tips on how to do this, his time is greatly appreciated.

Added more compilation CDs, amazing how profitable (?) it must be to keep reproducing the same material over and over.

After several proddings added the Country & Western Song Book - Musicor MM 2017 Album.

Redid the "Need Help" page.

Added a page listing songs that mention George in the lyrics.

Also had many inputs/corrections from Larry Davis, Phil Watson, John Morris and Larry Mathews. Keep 'em coming, with others help we might get this right one day, if you can keep me straight.
Thanks much!!

Added a new page:
Visuals of George Jones songs
For those of us with hearing problems a page that displays the waveform of the songs.
A visual way to determine if songs are the same!

Click on any of the boxes and a new page will be opened.

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List of Singles
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Songs as a Guest Artist
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Artists George has recorded with
Songs that mention George
Items found that need help

Wanna hear snippets of every song George Jones had on the Billboard charts? All 169 of them!!
(Low Bitrate - 64 Kps)
Snippets of every song from 1955 through 1969
Snippets of every song from 1970 through 1989
Snippets of every song from 1990 through today
List of every song George Jones had on the Billboard charts.

How accurate is this information? Only as good as the data I currently have been able to find and only as good as my typing goes. I am my own proof reader. Have you ever misplaced something and spent considerable time looking for it? Then someone helps you look for it and low and behold there it was, on the shelf right in front of your face, but you couldn't find it. If you have ever had to do your own proof reading on a large amount of data, as this project is, you will find it is easy to overlook something that is obvious to someone else. Hopefully, I will get feedback with corrections and additions. Any input will be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but anyone else who is a George Jones fan.

If you would like to help make the web site better for all of us please click on the "NEED HELP" button above. That page shows the items that are missing information.

To contact me with additions, corrections, suggestions, etc. send me (Wayne Miller) an email, Thanks

In surfing the web looking for information on songs George Jones recorded I have found many sites that have bits and pieces. Sites that sell CDs gives one the current items available. eBay listings of older record albums or CDs and occasionally singles is another source of information.

I found there are some sites that have a fairly good listing of George's work. They are:

George Jones Recordings A group for fanatics of George Jones, to deal with his recorded works, covering all formats and eras.

George Jones Personal Web Site
A must if you're really a fan. Current news, concert schedule and merchandise for sale. Check out the Webboard for "Songs that mention George".

List of albums, some listing songs, pictures of the covers, the best web site for a listing of singles, and now they have started adding lyrics. However, they don't pick up the latest releases. The best Country Music site on the web. The George Jones Discography is at:
George Jones Discography
Luma Main Page

Discography of George Jones - part I, compilled by Phil Watson & Praguefrank


Discography of George Jones - part II, compilled by Phil Watson & Praguefrank

Excellent site for discussing all "Country Music from the 40's through the 70's". Ask 'em a question, if Larry Davis doesn't have the answer, you'll get an answer from someone else!

Hillbilly Music Group
Good site for discussing "Hillbilly Music". Files section has some information on George Jones.

All Music Guide
Bio and list of albums, compilations, appeared on, and not much on Singles. Clicking on any of the albums brings up a window with information on that album, some with reviews. Problem with this site is they do not list the original releases instead listing the reissue CD

Hillbilly Music
Great site for Country Music, especially the older artists. Little short of specific information on records.

Joe Sixpack
San Francisco Bay Area DJ, Joe Sixpack - Discography, some covers, several pages of write ups.

Early Singles
This sites has some information on Singles from early years plus some album information. They are working on a Musicor section at present.

French (?) site - List of singles & albums

Rubin's Rock N Roll Discography Reference

Records for sale, some track listings and photos.

Site with listing of records for sale
Minimal track information or pictures.

Century of Country
List of albums, list of singles, Bio, and other information. This site is up and down, sometimes it's on the web and then it disappears.

For information on how all this started Click Here How this started

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Other sites I have on the net:

Gather Homecoming Vidos
Tom T. Hall Discography
Maddox Bros & Rose and Rose Maddox Discography.
Billie Jo SpearsDiscography.
Lacy J. Dalton Discography.
Country Music Magazines and Journal of Country Music

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